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The Full Story

Roundoak & Kings Oak Farm

Roundoak is set in the heart of the Kentish countryside, south of the county town of Maidstone, on the southerly slopes of the Greensand Ridge overlooking the beautiful weald of Kent. The mainly grassland farm now consists of approximately 180 acres including 5 acres of natural oak woodland at Sutton Valence, and a further 70 acres just a mile or so away at our sister Farm Kings Oak in Ulcombe. The farm also conservation grazes approximately 1200 acres throughout central Kent.

Roundoak Events - White Park


Roundoak hopes that that by introducing our  extremely endangered breeds will gather public awareness especially if they are seen around the South East conservation grazing.  Both Round Oak and Kings Oak are hoping to get the Rare Breeds Survival Trust accreditation in the near future.

We hope that by hosting events and weddings at the farm this will help educate the public to our rare breeds. 

Rare Breeds

Roundoak and Kings Oak Farms continue to broaden their rare breed population.  We now have a thriving herd of White Park Cattle that came from Chirk castle in North Wales; these heifers were joint by a pedigree bull called 'Wentworth'.   Through the farms connection with the Rare Breed Survival Trust we also run an  endangered Vaynol cattle from the borders of Scotland.  The Vaynol cattle breed is closely linked to the White Park  breed.

In 2020, we purchased six Irish Moiled cattle, which are also on the endangered list.  It is planned to breed from these heifers, supporting the conservation work and the involvement in the rare breeds that Roundoak and Kings Oak have committed to.

The farms also have other very rare sheep breeds called Borerays and North Ronaldsays, probably the rarest breeds in the UK.  



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